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 "Terracotta" combines Mediterranean cuisine of the region, giving them a fresh sound and coloring in the new flavors. Chef loves to experiment, to seek new and wonderful combinations of flavors, while maintaining the subtle nuances of traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

 Lightweight, impeccable quality, naturalness, authenticity, and a unique combination of herbs – are the main culinary motifs that were the basis of his masterfully executed menu in the gourmet seafood restaurant in Kiev.

About Restaurant :


Our gastronomic preferences change along with seasons. As the chilly autumn weather arrives, it’s always nice to spend time in a cozy place enjoying dishes with memorable gorgeous tastes!


In the new season, restaurant of modern cuisine, Terracotta, restaurant is welcoming guests with the signature menu from our Head Chef Viktoria Oncheva.


Apart from delicious European cuisine with a pan-Asian notes, the menu also presents some modern view of gastronomy!

About Restaurant :


The minute you step over the threshold into the Terracotta, you will forget about everything else. The panorama of the historic center of Kyiv is truly impressive!   Our dining room is filled with light and elegance, its decor made from some of the most exquisite materials in the world. In addition to two spacious dining rooms, the Terracotta offers three rooms on a more intimate scale for guests who prefer a cozier environment: two that are classically light and airy, and the third one done in a warm terracotta style with a fireplace.   For connoisseurs who truly value the original and authentic, we also have a wine room where you can select the perfect bottle that suits an experienced wine taster. Virtual tour  
The team :

The team

Success of any restaurant starts with a creative idea, is supported with proper implementation, and developed by common thinkers that work as a single organism. This is what we call a team


Terracotta Restaurant is treating its guests with delicious gastronomic specialties thanks to well-coordinated efforts of many people, who are greatly inspired and trustworthy in providing high quality services at every level.


We are proud of such professionals, whose proficiency will certainly excite all our guests from day to day.


Bon appétit!

The Menu :


The Terracotta’s À la Carte menu offers dishes from modern European cuisine with a pan-Asian accents presented in our Chef’s unique style. You will be amazed by the wide range of selections, while the dishes themselves will satisfy the most demanding palate.   Chef uses a system of low-heat cooking that is considered one of the most progressive approaches to preparing food. It makes it possible to preserve the outstanding tenderness, natural flavor and color of the product. His exquisite desserts with their elements of molecular gastronomy will elicit sensations that diners have never before experienced.   Menu
The Menu :


Restaurant of modern cuisine Terracotta, offers a very generous selection of smorgasbords in three different varieties: European, Ukrainian and Japanese cuisines.  

In line with our concept, Fresh Organic Traditional, the Premier Hotel chain’s breakfast bounty is Ukrainian and typical Kyiv dishes, prepared with local organic farmer’s produce and the unique recipes of our Chef, Victoria Oncheva.

Mon-Fri: 7: 00 am -11: 00 am; Sat - Sun: 8: 00 am -12: 00 pm

The Menu :

Traditional Ukrainian Cuisine

What would a proper restaurant in Kyiv be if it did not offer a traditional Ukrainian menu? Especially in a restaurant like the Terracotta, where many foreigners dine while in the capital of Ukraine, making the presentation of the national cuisine at its best a point of honor for the Chef.   Our Ukrainian menu includes a rich, savory borshch based on a recipe from 1913, complete with pampushky, the classic garlic buns, as well as plump homemade varenyky. Menu  
Terracotta's Specials :

Top Offers from Chef

You should definitely try our exquisite Goats Cheese and Mango Sauce Salad, Tempura Squid on Couscous with Cuttlefish Ink and Aioli Sauce, or Chilean Seabass with Young Pea Puree and Vegetable Salsa – to receive a guaranteed gastronomic and aesthetic pleasure!


From now on taste has a name! It is – Terracotta Restaurant!

Terracotta's Specials :

Our cuisine

Chef and his team carefully select the best suppliers of food products, while seasonal products are delivered regularly from small-scale private local orchards and farms. The most modern technologies they use for preparing food make it possible to not only preserve, but to even accentuate the natural flavors of food products. GALLERY
Terracotta`s Specials :


  • Terracotta`s Specials :
    24 01/17
    Goût de France / Good France Festival at the Terracotta Restaurant!

    See More
  • Terracotta`s Specials :
    04 04/16
    Branded Breakfast Concept

    The breakfast menu includes national Ukrainian dishes and traditional regional delicacies, made from local produce, grown in the ecologically clean areas, blessed with the hot Ukrainian sun. See More
  • Terracotta`s Specials :
    29 03/16
    Березовый сок

    In early spring, when nature begins to stir again and streams tinkle everywhere, the forests have some magic of their own: birch sap begins to flow and people collect it for juice. Birch sap is an unbelievably tasty and nutritious drink that fills the body with vitamins. See More
  • Terracotta`s Specials :
    11 11/15
    Unique Oysters at the Terracotta Restaurant

    Do you know what is so special about Boudeuse Oysters? It is a small oyster having absolutely no desire to grow, and simply hides in its shell, which makes its taste rich and sweet. And do you know what is so special about restaurant of modern cuisine Terracotta? See More
  • Terracotta`s Specials :
    03 11/15
    The new gastronomic season with Viktoria Oncheva.

    Viktoria has firmly expressed her vision of taste in delicious gastronomic ensembles and original food presentation, which definitely gives us the right to call Terracotta the restaurant of modern cuisine! The menu features the Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of modern gastronomic tendency. See More
Season 16/17

Season 16/17

Contacts :


PHONES Ph.: +380(44)244-12-35 Ph.: +380(44)244-12-12   OPERATING SCHEDULE   Breakfest     Mon-Fri: from 07:00 am to 11:00 am Sat-San: from 08:00 am to 12:00 am           At the moment the restaurant serves only breakfasts. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.


Kyiv, bulvar T.Shevchenko/Pushkіnska st. 5-7/29

Premier Palace Hotel, 8th floor



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